I am a woman broken wide open by the relentless love of God.  I love much, because I have been forgiven of so much.  In my faithless wandering, always searching for satisfaction, He has been faithful to me, and with His unfailing goodness He has healed me of my waywardness. I desire nothing more than to live my life with and for Him.

The love of Jesus has quieted my fears, banished my demons, and set my heart free to live with clarity and purpose.  He has given me joy in my deepest mourning, and set my feet to dancing over barren graves.  All because I am His Beloved and He is mine.

I’ve done nothing to deserve such a love, and could never have worked hard enough to earn it, although I did try.  He simply is the God Who loves, and we are – I am, the target of His Love.  And because surrendering to that Love has changed everything about me and the life I live, I am determined to share this gift with the watching world.

I am everything He says I am.  Nothing less and nothing more.  And that will always be enough.  I pray the same peace will belong to you, as you come to rest and trust in the love of God, offered freely to us all, in Christ Jesus alone.