The Collision of Grief and Hope

I can step into this holiday season, even with all the chaos and limitations slapped over it, with a heart that is heavy but hopeful. Because of Jesus, Who is ever present with us, grief collides with hope and yields an incredible opportunity for moments that add depth and richness to the fabric of my vulnerable life…I need those moments right now. And Dear Woman of Breakthrough, so do you. … More The Collision of Grief and Hope

Peek at a Prayerless Heart

We’ve all had, or all do have right now, someone in our lives who seems to be getting away with something. They’re running amuck, doing whatever they want, with seemingly little to no consequences. Maybe their choices are hurting us, or have caused us to bear a greater burden in some sense. And right in the middle of these kinds of situations, we have a choice: to pray or not to pray. … More Peek at a Prayerless Heart

Hope is a Silver Lining I Can’t Erase

True hope never disappoints, because it is rooted in the things which Jesus has accomplished for and given to me. When I get off track, and it feels like my hopes have been shattered, I can know that these were misplaced hopes, and that there is still a very real and unchanging hope – a silver lining that nothing and no one can erase because it has been irreversibly placed like a banner over my life … More Hope is a Silver Lining I Can’t Erase