Out of the Ashes We Rise

upfromthegravehearoseWe are all aching for new life.  A fresh start.  A rising up from the ashes that our lives tend to become.  We all want to taste the glory of the resurrected life.

But first, we must be willing to be laid down in the grave.  We must die, a thousand times, in a thousand ways, until that death has accomplished all it was intended to.  We die to ourselves, to our dreams, to our agendas.  We die to our own strength and abilities.  We die to our self-sufficiency and our humanistic ideas of religion and its services.  We die, so that we may live.  And so that, in our living, Christ may live in us.  Our dying makes room for His life to fill us and flow out from us.  Isn’t that what we want?

So the thought for today, the FireStarter that I want you to ponder and discuss with the ones around you, is this:

We must rise from the same place we are called to die in.

There is no skipping out on or skipping ahead of the death we must face and endure.  Whatever the resurrected life looks like, it will begin from the grave appointed for us.

May your pondering lead to great and grace-filled discussions and encounters with His goodness!

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