Defining Moments


There have been a few defining moments in my life:  the day I met Jesus, the day I met my husband, the days I gave birth to my children, the days of breakthrough – when I tasted true freedom.  And the day I stepped into the human slave trade market on the streets of Oakland, California.

With each of these moments came the very clear realization that nothing would ever be the same as it was before.  And it hasn’t.  Even though I’ve known Jesus now for decades.  Even though my husband and I have moved on from love at first sight to loving through the long, dark nights of our souls.  Even though our children are grown and growing, and their infancy seems so far behind us that most days it is consciously forgotten.  Even though freedom has become more of a lifestyle than a keynote event.  Even though I have managed to move back into the routines of my life and to live as though there isn’t much else I can do, besides pray for them.  And I can’t, because this season is full with God-given priorities which I cannot rightly neglect.

Still…I can never go back to living as I did before I encountered those slaves that night.  I can never pretend that I don’t know they are out there…someone’s sons and someone’s daughters.  It has changed me.  And while it may be too soon to see all the ways that change will take its intended shape, nevertheless it has left its God-given mark.

Just like an arrow, aimed at my heart.  It landed, and left in its place a tear that has ruptured something in my soul.  I know there is work to be done in the fight for their justice.  I know they deserve the freedom I live in every day.  And as I pray, I know God will begin to craft His plans.

So what about you?  I’ve placed this post in the Arrows in Action section because I want you to consider the defining moments in your life, too.  Sometimes we are so busy looking for the big purpose, or so busy doing the smaller, everyday stuff, that we miss the arrows which God has aimed and landed in our hearts.  The things that have created a dividing line in our existence.  The things that have caused our souls to stir and our hearts to stand at attention, eerily ready to respond to whatever might be asked in the moment.

I believe God is beginning to call us to action in these areas.  Maybe you’re like me, and there isn’t room for much more action in your life.  It’s okay, because God is great at making space!  And He never asks for more than He’s willing to give you.  So if He’s aimed something at your heart, and created a defining moment for you, why not ask Him where He wants you to start…today?

You can pray each day for someone or something He has marked your heart with.  You can look for ways to serve there.  You can give financially.  Or you can raise money to donate.  There are many ways to get involved.  The point is that we take hold of these arrows and begin to put them into some kind of Spirit-led action.

Tell someone about the arrow God has used to pierce your heart, and make a commitment to them that you will do something about it this week.  It’s time to step into the work of God’s heart!  This is the year of breakthrough!

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