Just For Today


Exhale.  Deep breath.  Today is swarming with “things.”  Things to do, things to think about, things to plan, things to avoid…

But today is all I have.  And as I continue to walk out my journey of life recovery – getting back all that was intended for me from the beginning – I have to remind myself to live in this day.  Every day.

One day at a time is more than just a quaint saying.  It’s more than a mantra.  It is, literally, a way of life.  For those who have been imprisoned by the past, or become slaves to a future that may never arrive, today is an invitation to just breathe and just live the moment that’s right in front of us.

That means participating fully in the relationships within our reach…whether they are pleasant or not.  It means investing faith and energy in whatever God has put in our paths right now.  It means slowing down enough to appreciate the little things.  It means seizing the moments that all too easily get robbed by the hours pushing their way toward midnight – the end of this very sacred day.

Sometimes it means embracing the mess we’re staring at rather than trying to clean it up, and making a memory right in the middle of it.  Sometimes it means refusing to let tomorrow crowd its way into our thoughts and move us beyond the invitation to rest right now.  Sometimes it means sitting down to cry, not over what’s been, but over what is, and not trying to figure out what might be after this.

Always it means being present to the presence of God that is fully available in this moment, in this hour, in this day.  Because in that presence, there is peace.  There is strength.  There is forgiveness, healing, hope, and help. Everything we need.  Really.  In that presence, you and I will find ourselves, and find the grace to fully live in the moments of our lives.

Living one day at a time means living with intention rather than regret over all that we’ve missed.  So I want to invite you, woman of breakthrough, to take a deep breath, step back into this moment, and fully live, with me!  And in that sacred space, where God is present with us, may we find the freedom and rest that yesterday could not provide, and tomorrow is still hiding.

This day is ours.  So let’s go and live what’s left of it!  And if tomorrow should grant us another sunrise, let’s get up and purpose to do it again.  In this way, may our lives bring glory to the One Who made us to enjoy us. This moment is rich with opportunity to thrive, so I am off to seize it.  I hope you are too!

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