Slaying Giants Keeps Me on My Tippy Toes


There are two types of spiritual giants:  the ones we look up to and the ones we sling rocks at.  To be sure, both appear to be larger than life.  But whether we are aspiring to be like a giant we admire, or summoning the courage to fight off a giant we despise, we must be careful to avoid the dangers of boasting.

I often hear people speak of spiritual men and women they admire.  These people have fought valiant battles and overcome much opposition and adversity.  They deserve our appreciation, and possibly even our imitation.  We would do well to follow in their footsteps as they follow hard after God.  But I know well the dangers of allowing their bigness to make me feel bigger than I ought to be.  No matter the spiritual “achievements” or progress I make, any true gain should elevate Christ, and not myself.

Similarly, as we face adversity and opposition in our own lives, thus encountering “giants” we must slay, it can be tempting to rejoice in the victories gained.  Some time ago, it became common to hear someone who met a challenge boldly described as “a beast.” Naturally, human nature wants to conquer.  And in the right direction, this can be a Godly desire.  But conquering doesn’t make us bigger or stronger or better than the giants we face and defeat.  Conquering ought to make us more humble and thankful to God for His strength and help.

Although David defeated Goliath, he did not become known as a giant-slayer.  His greatest reputation was that of a worshiper.  Even as a King, his focus remained on the King of Kings.  And we would do well to heed his example.

No matter the giants we find ourselves surrounded by, one thing is certain:  if we are following or fighting from a position that is truly rooted in God, the result will be the rejoicing of a grateful, humbled soul.  And our rejoicing will be in Who God is and has proven Himself to be, not in who we are or have tried to prove we can be.

Slaying giants keeps me on my tippy toes, dancing before and reaching up to the One Who deserves all the glory for any success I meet with.  It is His power, His might, and His Word that defeat my enemies and empower me to rise up and walk with those who are great.  All of it is privilege, and yet none of it brings me greater joy that He Himself does.

My prayer for you today is that you will learn to be content in Christ, so that, whether you are fighting battles or maturing in Christian character, all of it will inspire you to greater, deeper, more humble praise.  After all, we have been chosen to spend our lives with the One Who gives life and breath to all.  What could possibly be better than just knowing, loving, and being loved by Him?  It’s simple, and it’s meant to stay that way.  So rejoice, and reach today for the God Who is always reaching for you!

“Yet do not rejoice in this, that the spirits submit to you; but rejoice that your names are written in the heavens.”  Luke 10:20

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