Drawing Strength


When life hits hard and we must endure that which hurts, we often tend to believe that such difficulties drain us of our strength.  That is the voice of self-pity talking.

That is also a lie.

The truth is that, when we determine to press through something difficult, it is in the pressing through where we actually experience an increase in strength.

I know it doesn’t always feel like it at the time.  That’s the thing about suffering:  you can’t see what it’s accomplishing while you’re going through it.  You can only see and feel what it appears to be costing.

That is why we need the eyes of faith, to see what cannot be seen, but is really true.  To see the reality of things, which isn’t the evidence of the circumstances we face, but the promises God has made about those circumstances.

Faith sees a mountain in the way and doesn’t worry, because faith has the word which will cause it to be moved.

Similarly, faith sees a hopeless situation and does not despair, because faith knows that God will not allow pain without causing something to be born.

Faith sees a grave marked with its own name and does not fear the death that awaits, because it knows that real life and resurrection power are on the other side of that grave.

Faith sees a field made barren and does not fret, because it knows that every seed which falls to the ground contains a new life that must yield its harvest, at the appointed time.

No matter what you’re facing in this hour, take heart!  You will draw strength from your trials!  Take a deep breath and determine to walk bravely through, trusting that you will emerge with something more valuable than you now possess within your soul.

This is the heritage of all who put their trust in the Lord.  Though we suffer many afflictions, the Lord delivers us out of them all, with plunder!  So rejoice with me, and let us become known as a company of women who dance across the graveyards, certain that – with our every faith-filled movement, life is beginning to arise and will indeed come forth.

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