Day Five: Praise Challenge


Today’s nugget for the Praise Challenge is to reposition yourself!

As my devotional this morning so perfectly put it, “The very instant you wholeheartedly turn away from every symptom of discouragement and lack of trust, the blessed Holy Spirit will reawaken your faith and breathe God’s diving strength into your soul.”

“Oh, if only our eyes could see the mighty armies of strength and power that are always behind our turning away from the hosts of darkness toward God…All the miraculous attributes of the Godhead are marshaled on the side of even the weakest believer who, in the name of Christ and in simple, childlike trust, yields herself to God and turns to Him for help and guidance.”  (Streams in the Desert)

The passage goes on to tell the story of an eagle, the very symbol of strength and freedom, that was mortally wounded by a rifle shot.  The author’s comment was profound:  “He faced death because – just once – he forgot and flew too low.”

Beloved, let us not fly too low.  Let us not yield beneath the weight of our burdens, but rather set be determined to mount up beneath them and aim them straight toward Heaven.

We must keep our eyes on God, and on His plans and promises for us – not on the difficulties or the pain we meet with.  We must turn away from the temptation to feel sorry for ourselves or to fear that these things have only come as messengers of death and destruction.

We must reposition ourselves, turning toward God with what strength – or weakness – we have left, believing that He will meet our glance with the glory of Heaven.  And we will there be infused with new strength, fresh hope, and more praise.

The amazing thing about praise is that you have to give it all away in order to receive more.  So stand facing Heaven and sing your song!  Shout your praise!  Refuse to be distracted or discouraged, and instead position yourself to be divinely encouraged.  My song will join yours, and together we will rejoice to see Heaven’s response!

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