Day Twenty-Seven: Praise Challenge


I love old hymns.  There is something about them that takes me back to the good old days.  Which, surprisingly, weren’t all that good.  Yet, somehow, humming the tune of songs like “Great is Your Faithfulness” waves a triumphant banner over those years, settling a deep conviction in my heart about the truth of the song’s claims.

To be sure, I didn’t feel, back then, that God was being faithful.  My circumstances were deep and painful, and messy.  Yet, I clearly remember standing in a church and singing along with the multitude that, indeed, God’s faithfulness to me was great.  Indeed, all I needed, His hand had provided.

Maybe I thought I needed more then.  In truth, I probably wanted more.  I remember feeling the sting of lack.  In retrospect, however, I can see that I did truly have all I needed to get through those trying times. The proof is that I am here today.  I am still alive.  Still growing.  Still doing my best to trust in God and discover the life He has planned for me.  Turns out He knew better than I did just what I needed then.

I guess my point is aligned with our challenge for today:  Dare to believe that God possesses all you need for all you will face today.  God’s resources are unlimited: strength, time, wealth, love, patience, power, peace, help…these know no bounds in Heaven.  And He has promised that, as we pray for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done here on earth, just as it is in Heaven, all He has will be given to us.  Because He is our Good Shepherd, Psalm 23 promises, we shall lack nothing.

After many years of struggling financially, and learning the lesson of trusting in God’s order and sufficiency in such matters, we are finally living in the promise of His abundance.  For the first time in our lives, we do not fear any lack.  Whatever we need to purchase or pay for, whoever we want to bless or help, we are able to – without counting the numbers and worrying that there won’t be enough.  It’s a pretty incredible feeling to know no limits in this realm.  Of course, we have a responsibility to spend wisely and not frivolously, but that is a privilege, not a limitation.

Much like this season in our finances, so is God’s abundant supply for all your needs today.  As you turn to Him in praise, seeking first His Kingdom and His ways, you will find that everything you need for today is there.  But you’ll never know until you show up at the bank of Heaven to withdraw your provisions!  Trust me, there are no overdrafts here!

God promises to provide all you and I have need of, because He is a loving Father and we are His children.  Matthew 6:33 confirms this gracious promise of His provision.  So may you sing your songs of praise today, declaring the truth that, indeed, all you have need of, His hand has already provided.  Because His faithfulness toward you is great!  And may your eyes be opened to see the fruit of abundance all around you!


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