The Miracle Within


As a person of faith, I am often looking for miracles.  I hope and expect to see God revealing Himself everywhere I go. And I love to witness such outward manifestations of His loving power.  A word spoken to someone in despair, a healing touch, provision where it seemed there would be none.  He is always longing to bless the waiting, watching world, and I am always excited about being either a witness to or participant of such blessing.

I think, though, that in searching “out there” for miraculous God-signs, we can sometimes lose sight of the miracle that is taking place right in front of us, or more accurately within us.

If we belong to God through faith in His Son Jesus, then every day that we wake up breathing is another day that the life of Christ is growing inside of us.  Another day that His Spirit is alive within us, working to birth and develop the life of Jesus in and through our lives.

Think about this miracle for a minute with me: the life of God Himself is actually growing on the inside of us!  This is a miracle indeed. Not only do I want to take notice of it, but I want to cooperate with it, because if God’s life is taking shape inside of me, then the miracle of His loving power is even more sure to flow out of me.  Rather than always seeking to witness a miracle, we become the very agents of miracles.

Today, my prayer for us as women, who know the miracle of life forming within a womb, is that we would become completely aware of the miracle of the life of Christ growing within us.  That we would sense His movements, form our lives and priorities around His presence and development, and be in awe over what we’ve been entrusted with.  I pray that we would eagerly anticipate the way His life is transforming our lives, and that we would step fully into the new identity which His life has bestowed upon us.

I believe that when this takes place, a company of women with a different spirit will arise. When a woman gives birth to a life entrusted to her, it is a gift which marks her. From that moment on, she is never the same. All she is and all she does revolves around this new life, and so it should be with the life of Christ in us.

We are privileged to carry His life in our bones.  And we have the blessed experience of watching His Spirit develop that life into its fullest realization, as we partake in everything that flows from it.

We are blessed women indeed.  So rejoice!  And pray with me to stay aware of this miracle growing within us, that we might live a very different kind of life…a breakthrough life!

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