A New Pair of Glasses


It’s that time of year again for my family. We just had our annual eye exams. This year, even our youngest child wanted to have her eyes checked. Turns out, at only 5 years old, she needs glasses too!

I’ll admit, I’ve been a bit skeptical about the latest craze in eyewear. It has seemed to me more of a fashion trend than anything, and I’ve questioned the authenticity of the prescriptions the eye doctors have written. Especially when it comes to my little ones.

But I was in the room when the tests were run, and discovered that they really did have some trouble seeing clearly. I thank God for good insurance, because this week, all 5 of us will be picking up a new pair of glasses!

It’s a little disturbing to me that, each year, our prescriptions grow a little stronger. Especially as I am climbing into my forties, the weakening of my vision is becoming more and more noticeable. Where for years and years I could see clearly without the aid of glasses or contacts, I am now becoming dependent on them for almost all of my reading. My husband and one of our daughters are now dependent on them for all of their daily activities!

Recently, God has been speaking to me from a passage in His Word that hits home when it comes to needing new lenses. Ephesians chapter 1, verses 15-23 spells out a prayer for the church (that’s us) that God put on the heart of a great man who devoted his life to building and strengthening God’s people. The prayer, in essence, asks God to open the eyes of our hearts so that we can clearly see and know Jesus for Who He really is, and therefore be able to clearly see and understand what we have been given in Him, so that we can live it out to the fullest measure intended.

The simple, bottom line is this: we have eyes to see, but those eyes, as we grow and mature, need the aid of a clearer, stronger lens in order to see clearly. The same is true for our hearts. As we grow, we need God, more and more, to grant us the ability to see Him clearly. We need His help to understand the full reality of what it is we have received from His presence in us and in our lives. We need more of His clarifying wisdom in order to seek more of Him and His Kingdom, instead of settling back into lives that become content with less than we were made for.

We may naturally grow older and wiser with our years (at least that is the hope), but Paul’s prayer was that our wisdom would be rooted in God’s revealing more and more of Himself to us. He prayed that God would continually sharpen our vision, so that we would not live with a fuzzy view of Who He is and Who He has called us to be, and all that He has purposed for our lives. Paul prayed that we would show up for our spiritual eye exams, and get an upgrade in our lenses, continually.

God’s revelation is not something we receive just once. We don’t just discover that there is a God and then move on from there. At least we were never meant to. The life of faith in God is an ever deepening one, and – especially now – the call to go deeper is reverberating in the earth. Have you received the call, my sister?

Dear Woman of Breakthrough, God is offering you a new pair of glasses today. There is a call in the Spirit to come in closer, and to let Him increase the accuracy of our vision, and therefore our understanding. He is inviting us to know Him more, to see Him more clearly, and to gain the treasures which He has long reserved for us.

I believe that we are stepping into a season of possession like we’ve never seen it before. What God is about to do in our midst will send a tidal wave of celebration across the land. How incredible that we would be invited to not only witness that, but be a part of it?!

It all begins with showing up for your exam. Would you, with me, allow God to open your eyes and give you a spiritual upgrade in lenses today? Would you ask Him for a spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you can understand and take hold of all that He has ever intended for you?

I believe in this hour that lack is about to supernaturally dry up, and rivers are about to flow, carrying the gold of spiritual riches into our lives. God is longing to bless the world, and He has called us as the church – those who believe in Him – to jump in first. If all you lacked suddenly began to pour down from Heaven into your life, wouldn’t you jump and shout for joy?

God is preparing a feast, and He is inviting us to see that, what the world is waiting for, He has already supplied. It’s about to be rolled out, and I believe God is opening our eyes to see it now, so that we can rejoice in preparation for the wonderful things that are ahead.

There is a celebration in the air, and your new pair of glasses is on its way! Get ready to see the Kingdom of God and His Word unfold like never before! I bless you today to seek and to find the riches of your inheritance in Jesus. May you go before God and ask Him to open the eyes of your heart afresh, and may you receive your new lenses with a grateful and believing heart.

It’s time!!

{Photo images courtesy of http://www.pixabay.com}

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