Resetting the Default


“A man without a future will always return to his past.”

What a powerful statement! It’s a fact that every human has a default. It’s what we always end up going back to. It’s the mindset and personality, the character and identity you open to automatically. It’s where – when you’re not thinking, or when life hits you hard – you revert to. It’s like your comfort zone. It’s the person you are when you stop trying to be someone else.

When you think about it, this can be a scary piece of truth. Because it means that no matter how hard we try to be better, we can ever only recycle what we’ve been. It means that our capacity – the limits we can reach – are only as great as our own efforts…which always and eventually fail. It means that the best we can be depends on us, which is a pretty exhausting conclusion because – if you’re like me – on a hard day, my try gets exhausted pretty quickly.

We can do our best to mold and shape ourselves, to grow into something new, but on the inside – we are still made of the same stuff. We might press hard to take on a new shape and develop a new attitude, but when push comes to shove and we get caught off guard, we will always revert to who we’ve always been at our core. And, according to Scripture, we’ve always been broken. We’ve always been dominated by a sinful, selfish, havoc-wreaking power called the flesh.

Have you ever looked at yourself this way? Have you ever recognized your default, and your tendency to go back to it? Have you ever fought to become something new, something better, only to find that – in your most difficult moments – you are still the same person? I have. It’s a terrible and frustrating disappointment.

But there is good news in this equation because, as the quote says, it is only the person without a future that returns to his (or her) default. And if we are in Christ, then you and I have a future! We have been made new, from the inside out! Literally, we have received not just a faith in a Supreme Being, but a new life. We’ve received His life! His Spirit now lives within us, and there is only room for one ruler on the throne of our heart. So if Jesus is Lord, all other lords, all other rulers, have to go! And all defaults get reset to something far better than we could ever become by our own efforts!

What this means for you and me is that we are no longer dominated by the flesh. We are no longer driven by a sinful, selfish, havoc-wreaking power. We may feel like it sometimes, but the truth – according to the Word of God – is that we are no longer fallen. We are no longer under the curse of sin and death. We are no longer bound to our old default. In fact, because we have a new identity and a new future, we now have new possibilities. We have become entirely new people, and we can now grow up into the new women we have become.

This means that there is a new power residing in us – the power of God’s grace. It means that who you can become is no longer dependent upon your own efforts, but upon your cooperation with His efforts in you. It means that you are no longer striving to become something new, but positioned to discover all which has already been made new.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to discover that who you’ve always been, you are no longer? That the weak, rebellious, cycle-bound woman in you is dead. And that a new, delightful, overcoming woman is rising up on the inside? The Bible says this is our reality in Christ! Do you live in this reality?

Dear Woman of God, you have been made new. God works, in all things of life, to give you a hope and a future. Have you embraced them? Or are you stuck reverting to your default, believing you can’t change?

You have been changed!

And now your future is calling you to a process of renewing your mind with the Word of God. As we change the way we think, as we begin to think the way God speaks about us and about our lives, we will see this new creation we’ve become rise up and start to live! How I pray that today will be the day your default cycle comes to an end, and you step into the journey which Jesus has paved for you.

Dear Woman of Breakthrough, you are free! Rise up and become who God has made you to be. Throw off the old ways, and put on the new ways, and discover the hope and the future waiting to be possessed by you!

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