The Two Most Important Questions


There are a lot of important questions in life. Questions which, if they remain unasked and therefore unanswered, will result in lives of futility. In Scripture,  the word futility describes a life lived disconnected from God. Interestingly, it often describes the state of our thoughts, and ultimately means “without purpose, aimless.” So, to summarize:

The failure to ask and then seek the answer to certain, imperative questions can result in lives which have no real aim or purpose, because they are powered by thoughts which are not rooted in the truth.

That’s a pretty powerful revelation! It is one which makes me want to pay attention to the important questions, and make sure I search out the answers to them!

Recently, I came across one of the two most important questions we could ever ask. In actuality, it is not a question which we ask of ourselves, but one that is asked of us. Jesus asked it of His disciples, and the same question is still being posed to all of mankind today:

“Who do you say that I am?” (Mark 8:27-30)

This question was important then because the disciples had been invited into a whole new life, a life of knowing God in the person of Jesus. A life of purpose. A life rooted in world-changing truth. But all around them, there were people who didn’t accept that invitation, people who continued to walk in futility, pursuing whatever their own hearts might lead them to believe was good enough to settle for. Their answer to the question of who Jesus was, who God was, varied greatly from person to person. There was much confusion about who He really was and why He had really come. And people seemed to be okay with the confusion. They seemed to be content with letting the conversation remain an issue of debate.

But Jesus was not content with it. Not for those whom He had called and invited to walk with Him. For those who would be His followers, this question and its answer needed to be settled in their hearts. They needed to know Who He was, and they needed to seek the answer to that question from God Himself. It was the only place they could discover the real truth.

The same is true for you and I. Still today, confusion abounds as to who Jesus really was or is. Sadly, many have formed their speculations around what they’ve seen in churches and the lives of churchfolk when they are not in the house of God. It grieves my heart to know that much of the misunderstanding about Who Jesus is has come from the way He’s been represented by the ones Who call themselves His people. More than anyone, we who are Christians must know Who He is. This must not be a topic of debate in our lives. And Who He is must be shown consistently and accurately in the way that we live.

I heard a story this weekend about a gathering of atheists who decided to infiltrate a city and attempt to stir up doubt and confusion about God there. Fortunately, there were some Christians who knew God and decided to sit among them and seek to understand, and to bring understanding. In that process, they discovered that most of the atheists within that group had become unbelievers, had developed a false view of God, because they had been hurt or disillusioned by church people. The answer we carry about who He is, and the way we demonstrate that to the watching world, matters greatly.

Jesus is more than a historical figure in the antiquated pages of the book we are supposed to read on a regular basis. He is alive. He is the living Son of God, Who makes Himself real to us and has chosen to live with and in and among us daily, hourly. He is the God Who not only loves us, but transforms us. He is the God Who loves even His enemies, and pursues them passionately.

Do you know Him, Dear Woman of Breakthrough? Has God revealed Himself to you in the person of His Son, in such a way that you have been changed by that revelation? Or are you still considering the opinions of those around you, trying to figure out for yourself just who He is and what that means for your life? There is only one fountain of truth, and it is presence of God. Go to Him today, and seek the answer to this most important question of your life. He will be faithful to lead you into the truth.

Naturally, the question of “Who do you say He is” leads to the second most important question you/we will ever ask in life:

Who are you, because of Him?

I think we often try to answer this question before we answer the first, and wind up with a journey that has more twists and turns than were necessary. Sometimes we wind up confused or disillusioned, and sometimes we just simply waste time.

Of course I believe that God can and will redeem wasted time, but more and more, I am beginning to understand that wasted time isn’t always a necessary part of the journey. The sooner I realize who Jesus truly is, the sooner I am able to realize who I am because of Him. And once I have sought and received the answers to those two questions, my life becomes a powerful weapon in the hands of God, for the sake of others who are wandering in futility.

If we believe that every life was created with purpose, then we should be eager to find that purpose for our own lives, and then seek to help others find it in theirs. And if we understand that it’s as simple and as clear as asking the right questions, and seeking answers from the right source, how much wasted time and unnecessary agony might be avoided? How much more joy and fulfillment could be obtained? How much sooner could we make our world a better place, together?

Dear Woman of Breakthrough, would you consider going before God today with these two very important, life-altering questions? Are you willing to believe that they carry impact not just for you, but for all those around you? How you see God – how you see Jesus, and how you see and understand yourself in light of Him and His plans for you, could bring so much healing to the world you live in. Imagine with me the ripple effect of a generation of women who become willing to step out of question and into truth; who become willing to live with purposeful aim each day. Even if you think you know who He is and who you are, why not bring it before the Father for examination, just to be sure your knowledge is untainted. Afterall, we live in a world that is saturated with uncertainty. God will help us to see clearly, and, in to live in a way that reflects that clarity.

May we move into greater purpose as we become willing to seek the truth, from The Truth. starting today!

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