The Practicalities of Stewarding Your Breakthrough – Pt. 1


God has been good to me – really, really good. When I look back at my life, from the place He’s caused me to stand in now, I am truly and utterly amazed. My life with Him has been characterized by breakthroughs, and people sometimes ask how I’ve gotten here, how I’ve been able to reach the measures of breakthrough I have. While it hasn’t been a conscious process for me, in terms of really breaking it down step by step, in considering the question I have discovered that a process was indeed part of the journey.

When I look back at my journey, holding so many breakthroughs in hand, and pursuing them with all my heart, God’s order is evident. Because I gave Him my yes so long ago, and have never taken it back, I just followed wherever He led, which led me, time and time again, to the breakthroughs He promised. But for some, it’s not always that easy or that clear. So I sat down recently to consider the process which surrounded my breakthroughs, and I found some very practical wisdom, some very practical tools, which I want to share with you over the next 6 weeks (I reserve the right to pause and bring something inspired on the Monday before Christmas!).

This will be a six part series on the practical steps in pursuing your breakthrough. If there is one thing I would say you need to know up front, it is that breakthrough isn’t just something you’re waiting for, but something you must cooperate with. It is a stewardship, meaning that something (a promise or a hope of some kind) has been entrusted to you, and you are now tasked with the responsibility of managing what you have received.

How you manage what you hold determines the return you get on it. Some people receive great and precious promises, but leave them by their bedside table, hoping they will just get up and walk into their lives one day. More often than not, those promises die, rather than live, or they come when and how they are least expected, and the recipients are not ready to hold them, and so lay them down in exchange for lesser pursuits.

When God hands us something, He does so with the intention of seeing it grow into the fullness of His desire for us. That goal, that vision, that intention requires that we engage with the processes which are innately attached to the breakthrough. God will always do His part, but He has reserved a part for us to do, as well. Anyone who has ever been pregnant, or knows someone who has, knows that you don’t wait for the baby to arrive before preparing for him/her. There is a process of preparation which makes room for the new life to grow and develop into its fullest potential. To forsake or ignore that process of preparation is to be unable to welcome the promised life with joy, and to care for it appropriately once it has come. If we are to see all that God has promised in the way of our breakthroughs, then we must embrace the responsibility we have in actively preparing for what’s to come.

So, as I mentioned, in the coming weeks, I will be sharing six practical steps, or tools, in stewarding your breakthrough promises. I’ll give you a sneak peek at the whole package today, to whet your appetite for coming back each week:

  1. Contending for the breakthrough God wants for you (making sure you have the right blueprints)
  2. Discovering & engaging with the processes attached to your breakthrough (these are your preparation for the promise)
  3. Actively trusting God’s nature and timing (how to face the opposition of disaster and delay)
  4. Waiting room rules (what is productive and counterproductive while you wait)
  5. Prioritizing life around the promise (Mastering your calendar, instead of being enslaved by it)
  6. Reinforcing the weak links (Reconnecting to the right relationships/disconnecting from the wrong ones)

Dear Woman of Breakthrough, if you’ve been waiting for what seems like forever…if you’re tired of expecting things to go a certain way, only to meet with disappointment time and time again…if you know there has to be more than what you continue to experience in your life, take this journey with me! God indeed has much more in store for you than you can imagine, but there is a road which leads to fulfillment, and there is a road which leads away from it. If you are willing to reevaluate your participation in the process, if you’re willing to learn and to grow, I am confident that you will reach your breakthroughs!

Let’s meet together again next week, and we will unpack the first practical step: Contending for the breakthrough God wants for you.

May your heart be provoked to want what He wants for you, and may you spend this week hungry for what God would desire to feed your soul and build into your life in the coming weeks!

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