The Cradle of a Kingdom


Today we are pressing pause on the series of Stewarding Breakthrough, in order to meditate on the wonders of the Christmas manger. May your heart be drawn into fresh worship and wonder as you read the poem below and find yourself in the cradle of the Kingdom of Heaven…

The Cradle of a Kingdom

Wrapped in shreds of clothing

Fragile in his newborn skin

Unbeknownst to the waiting world

The King of Heaven embraced the brokenness of men


With humble beginning, He was laid in a trough

Meant to sustain a hungry flock

He offered Himself, from the very first

As food for the ones who would ridicule and mock


No sense did it make

For those who understood not

That this was a promise finally born –

Unconquerable hope unquestionably bought


With every beat of His heart

The Word of life gained momentum

With every cry from His lips

The word of death lost its venom


There in the darkness of poverty deep

The crown of Heaven gleamed with its glorious light

In a cradle reserved for fragile little lambs

A Kingdom was birthed on that glorious night


For all who drew near with worship-full awe

‘Twas a miracle unlike any other

A lost world now receiving her redemption

In the gaze of a newborn baby beholding His mother…


I wonder how many cradles tonight

Are filled with the dreams of Heaven’s delight?

How many Kings and how many Queens still

Exist within the womb of God’s Holy will?

I wonder whose lives have been touched and transformed

Unquestionably altered by the Christ child that was born?

I wonder if we understand what He came to do…

I wonder if we know that His birth has brought our promised breakthrough?

As we celebrate the humble start of Heaven’s greatest gift

Do we know that His arrival signaled the long-awaited shift:

From waiting to possessing and from believing to beholding

From longing to embracing and from storing up to now unfolding?


Because He came, as a baby made for man

His cradle is an invitation to us all

That man can now be born again

That we can rise up from the ashes of our fateful fall


Yes, the cradle of a Kingdom still invites us to draw near

And to become what we should there behold

There is still a cry that comes from the Christmas manger

Inviting us to become a part of the story that is tirelessly retold


A Kingdom of priests – a holy nation will arise

To reign with the King of Heaven here on our earth

Will we wear the crown reserved for us

Since the dawning of our own new birth?


Still a world awaits the hope of promise

Blinded to the truth that it has already come

Yet those who have worshiped at the cradle of the King

Now have a song to proclaim with the beating of their heart’s drum


Emmanuel! God with us!

He is here and He is now

His reign is forever

So let us, on bended knee, freshly bow


For every heart that beholds the manger

A mirror reflection there awaits

We shall become as He is, wrapped in His nature divine

We shall inherit the enemy’s gates


The crown He came to give away

Shall be found in the humblest place

On bended knee, in new beginnings,

As we behold His face.

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