The One Who Holds the Keys

Dear Woman of Breakthrough,

Today I am sitting down to write my last post for this blog. I have spent three and half years fulfilling the call to pour encouragement into those who find themselves struggling through difficult and painful things, and I’ve immensely enjoyed every minute of it. It has been a great privilege to remind you each week of God’s great faithfulness, and of His wonderful plans for you. Praying for you has been a joy to me, and trusting God to move in your life has intensified my hope in His goodness.

It has become clear, however, that the time for pruning has come, and the fruit from this assignment is complete.

Although the end of our journey together comes with some mourning, it also comes with a great sense of triumph. What wonderful things we have come to know! What beautiful glimpses of Jesus we have received! What incredible revelations God has given to us and equipped us with! I have enjoyed encouraging you to keep trusting and believing in the One Who holds the keys to your breakthroughs!

If there is one thing I could point to as the sum total of all the messages I’ve shared with you, Dear One, that would be it:

The One Who Holds the Keys to your freedom is the God of the Breakthrough!

I’ve written this blog for women in need of breakthrough. What I hope you have gleaned from every post is that true breakthrough is found in Christ alone. If you have Him, you have all you need. People will come and go, as He wills, in your life. Resources will come and go. But the One Who remains constant will never leave you nor forsake you. He will always lead you in triumph, and He will always guide you with loving, shepherding care.

What I hope you will cling to from all that I’ve been blessed to share with you is that breakthrough is not gained by striving, by fighting, by wishing or by working for it. It is gained by seeking the One Who has the power to thrust You into it. As we walk in intimate relationship with Him, He leads us forward, into all that He has for us. Breaking through, then, becomes a matter of possessing what God has for you , not a matter of surviving attack or breaking free from defeat.

The word “breakthrough”, in fact, was first used as a military term to signify an offensive thrust past the defensive lines of warfare. This challenges our perception when we are in need of breakthrough, because we often tend to think of breakthrough from a victim’s lens. It is usually when we feel stuck or attacked that we cry out for breakthrough, but real breakthrough comes when we’re taking an offensive stance against the enemy, pressing into his camp to reclaim what’s been taken, or what’s been held back. Rather than us being held back, we are empowered to gain what God meant for us to have. We are always and ever fighting from victory, not for it, because Jesus has already defeated every enemy that will ever come against us.

We see a clear picture of breakthrough being an offensive position in 1 Chronicles 14:8-12, when David finds himself under attack by the Philistines. If you recall, he had already defeated the Philistine Giant, Goliath. You would think that would have established the authority of his God, but the enemy doesn’t give up that easily. Until Jesus returns, the reality we know here on Earth will always include dealing with the devil and his nonsense. Fortunately, God has provided sufficient weapons and His incredible strength and power, so that we will not have to fear or retreat. He has also assured us that we battle against a defeated foe. Breakthrough is not a questionable event in our lives, but an appointed end to every conflict we face, because Jesus has overcome every enemy. (

David already knew the strength of his God, so he didn’t worry about the Philistines’ resurgence. In fact, the Scriptures say that when the Philistines heard about David’s anointing and went searching for him, to destroy him, David heard that they were looking for him, and he went out against them! He didn’t sit around waiting for them to show up. He didn’t cower in a corner somewhere. He went out boldly to meet their challenge, after having asked God for wisdom in how to proceed. He trusted God to lead him victoriously, and when God spoke, he followed God’s directions, twice gaining the victory over his enemies.

It is here that David declares God to be the God of Breakthrough, naming the place where He broke through David’s enemies by David’s hand. David knew that, ultimately, breakthrough was not about him, but about God, and what God had already destined David for. God was thrusting him forward, into what he was born for. No enemy would stand against David and prosper, as long as David sought the Lord and walked in His wisdom.

The same is true for you and I, Dear Woman of Breakthrough. All our breakthroughs are by God’s design, and will be gained by looking to Him, and by leaning on Him. We dare not trust in any of our own strength, ability, or even weaponry, though they be given by God. Instead, we are to trust in God alone. David understood this, because even after his first breakthrough, he came back to ask God for wisdom at the next attack. Although He knew God was for him, he didn’t take it for granted. He didn’t just run with the authority and favor he had been given. Instead, he went back to God, the giver of every good gift and every victory, and asked for His wisdom and instruction. Only as he followed God’s direction did he again see the victory he knew he could count on.

This ensures that we remain dependent upon God, and not upon the way we’ve seen Him work before. Though we know we can expect God to be faithful, we must remember that how He chooses to demonstrate His faithfulness is up to Him, and the point of every interaction and experience we have with God is deeper, more intimate relationship that keeps our trust rooted in Who He is. The God of Breakthrough is the God Who has come to live in covenant with His beloved Bride. That’s you, and it’s me. May we never leave Him out of our pursuit of breakthrough. In fact, may every search for breakthrough lead us straight to Him, until He becomes and remains our greatest pursuit. When we pursue Him first, and consistently, breakthrough becomes our birthright, our inheritance.

As I close out this blog, I want to exhort you to put all of your confidence in the One Who holds the keys to every breakthrough you will ever need. He is faithful, His love is perfect and unfailing, and He has destined you to overcome in every conflict, so that you may continually move toward the realization of His plans for your life. All of His plans for you are good, because He is good! So when you find yourself in a tough place, remember to call upon Him, and to settle for nothing less than the good He intends for you.

He is with you, and He is for you. And if He is for you, who, then can stand against you, Beloved? I challenge you to believe that nothing and no one can. Run toward your full inheritance in Christ – to know Him and to freely receive every blessing He has intended for you. Rest your heart in the goodness and faithfulness of Almighty God, Who is on your side.

May His joy be your strength, and His peace be your eternal possession. Surrender no territory to fear or to the one who wants to steal the glory you possess. Christ has given you His glory (, and you are entrusted with letting it shine, with making Him known. Your life was designed to bring God glory, and God is glorified as you look to Him for all your breakthroughs.

Continue to move forward, Dear Woman of Breakthrough. Take the mountains God has called you to walk upon with Him. You are continually in my prayers, and I hope to see you when He comes to lead us home. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I pray you will continue to feed from what’s been shared as long as you need to, but that you will ultimately take your bread from the God Who leads you forward, to see every breakthrough you are destined for in Him.

Yours in Christ – our God and our King,

Beloved Alvarez

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