A Collection of Wisdom


“A book is like a garden, carried in the pocket.”  Chinese Proverb

I complimented my neighbor’s garden recently.  She told me how effortless it was to maintain, because she had planted mostly succulents there.  She told me I could come anytime and snip a few of whichever I liked, and that if I tossed them into my own yard, they would take root and multiply all on their own!

Books are like that…seeds that take root and decorate the landscape of a soul.  We must, of course, choose them carefully, so that what springs up will beautify and not poison the ground of our lives.  But oh, how many the choices we have to choose from when considering what to read!  There have been a great many inspiring thinkers throughout the ages which, once read, will provoke deep growth in our souls.  And this growth, when rightly cultivated, will become a garden which others may enjoy the fruits of, as well.

So I’ve devoted this section to sharing some of my favorite notes and quotes, some collected through the years of my life, and some still yet to be encountered and shared.

And I do so in the hopes of becoming a neighbor much like my own, encouraging and inspiring you to take from my garden and add to your own. Thus you, too, can cultivate a soul that is rich with deep wisdom and beauty, which provides the world with one more fountain of blessing!

Enjoy, and please share!

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