Ready, Aim, Release!


Arrows are weapons.  They are released to penetrate a certain target.  And when they hit their mark, they sink deep and lodge themselves into the target in such a way that their removal tears the fabric they have penetrated.  Be it flesh or be it canvas, arrows leave their permanent mark, ripping something open that cannot be easily put back together as it was before the arrow struck.

So it is with these practical exercises of faith.  My hope is that you will take hold of some of them and aim to release them into areas of your life which need to be ripped open.  My aim is that they will leave a permanent mark, inviting you and the others who are touched by them to examine things as they have been, in order to consider what may yet be.  I hope they will carry the message that there is more in store for us, if we will only dare to look heavenward and believe God’s Word over our lives and circumstances…if we will only make room for God to interrupt our plans and leave His mark on our comfortable routines.

So here’s one for today:

Psalm 127:3-5 says that our children are like arrows in the hand of a warrior.  That would make you and I, who are mothers, warriors.  And it makes our children weapons.  I want to ask you today:  What are your children aimed for?  Are you being intentional about the target of their lives?  Are you actively preparing them for the day of release, when they will be launched at something, and expected to penetrated it in such a way that they leave a stunning mark?

I believe, as Christians, we are weapons in the hand of God, aimed at the enemy’s world system.  So, to raise arrows created to penetrate that system, we must raise our children up in the ways of God.  They must be made ready by the life we lead them in.  They must be sharpened and trained by our intentional efforts to train them up in truth, and direct them toward their God-given purposes.

So I want to invite you to begin praying today about some things:

1 – Do you know what your child/children’s God-given purpose(s) is/are? You can also pray about your grandchildren or children you are called to mentor.

2- What are you doing to cooperate with that, and to get them ready for their day of release?

3- How can you be more intentional about getting your arrow(s) ready?  What does God want you to begin doing, or stop doing, so that your arrow(s) will be sharpened and rightly aimed?

May God direct you as you pray, and may He empower you to do all that He reveals, so that our lives, as we pour them into our sons and daughters, will leave the mark of God on this hungry world!

One thought on “Ready, Aim, Release!

  1. Thank God. Sweet Beloved I truly am changed by the words God gave you. I am going to go deep into deep to look into my life and walk out my direction that I am pointing my arrows…over my daughter’s and my grandchildren. Ooh Lord thank you for such amazing wisdom.


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