30 Days of Praise Challenge


Some months ago, I started dropping to my knees.  Not when I got out of bed in the morning, or before I got back into bed at night; although both of these are excellent and life-changing habits to cultivate.

No, this knee-dropping was a new habit.  A habit God was cultivating in me before I was even aware of it.  It began as the response to certain events in my life that were definitely classified in the crisis category.

But I can’t take credit for the response, because, in truth, I know I dropped to my knees in those moments only because the other alternatives would have turned the situations from bad to worse.  If I did not stop, drop and praise in response to the things that were hitting my life, I would have dealt ugly and walked away leaving catastrophic damages behind.

The knee-dropping was more out of desperation than any striving to be a better woman or Christian.  I don’t say that proudly, but I say it truthfully.  I know there is still a lot of room for me to grow, and all of that room looks better when I invite Jesus into it.  Because when Jesus enters into a space, He brings light and life and Heaven’s perspective with Him.

What I have noticed, looking back over the past few months, is that the crises have not decreased, but my concern over them has.  Because every time I’ve dropped to my knees, my gaze shifts from the massive problem to the massive God Who is with me and Who has promised to use even the tough stuff for my highest good.

Every time I fall down on my knees, my soul looks up, and I am reminded that nothing is bigger than He is.  And that changes everything.

I’m sharing this with you for 2 reasons:

  1. I want more of this kind of change, and
  2. I want to invite you to experience it with me.

That being said, here is the challenge I present:

Let’s spend the next 30 days responding to every difficult, painful, unfair thing with PRAISE!

Let’s press through darkness and push back any agenda other than God’s by running straight to Him with everything we encounter.  Not only will this increase our faith and build our strength, but it will decrease our doubt, fear, worry, COMPLAINING, and any other negative response to our trials.

In this God will be glorified, and you and I will experience a peace in the midst of our storms that will make room for overflowing joy.

If you’re with me, let’s start now!  Every time you’re tempted to respond negatively to something, sing the song that comes to your heart (assuming it is a song of praise), or speak out a promise of God, or just look up and say “Thank You, God, for this, and for whatever you are going to do through this.”  Or have a song or verse ready ahead of time, in case your mind goes blank (mine sometimes does when I get angry).

The devil may or may not get tired of being the reason we praise God, but either way, we will reap greater benefits than we are able to imagine.

Let’s commit to look up for the next 30 days, Beloved Women of Breakthrough.  And tell your sisters and friends to do the same.  Let’s spur each other on to powerful, life-changing things through our responses to the storms of life.  May God empower your praise like never before, and may you come out the other side of this never wanting to go back to doing things any other way.  Be blessed, and grow in faith!

3 thoughts on “30 Days of Praise Challenge

  1. This is the blessed thing I have read and I will get on my knees cause you see my family is in a lot of pain and I’m in a lot of mentally and physically pain. Just even to tell Jesus I love him I will get on my knees. This is so imspiraring.


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