Day One: Praise Challenge


“I can hear the rhythm of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah…”

So the song goes, and so my heart sings today.  There is boldness rising up to meet the challenges on every side,  praise be to God!

If you’re taking the 30 Days of Praise Challenge, here is something to encourage you for today.

My youngest daughter, bless her little soul, has a fierce side to her that most people in our family know not to cross.  She is fun-loving and silly, and can make anybody smile.  But she is also tough, and very clear about her boundaries.  And she is unafraid to let anybody know.  I think this will be a good thing, if we can keep it going in the right direction!

Meme is 4 years old now and has learned how to defend herself.  But before she learned to fight, she had to rely on her instincts.  For a while, whenever she would feel cornered or attacked, she would do the only thing she knew how to do:  open her mouth and roar.

I have very vivid images of my son – who is three years older – frozen in his tracks because as he stood in her way, she let loose a scream that could stop a train in its path.  Within inches of his little face, she just opened up her mouth and released the deepest, fiercest cry she could. And he never got past it.  It worked for her, every time.

I imagine that, as you and I set our hearts to open our mouths and praise in the face of everything in our path, Jesus – the Lion of the Tribe of Judah – is roaring with us and for us.

Be encouraged today, and let your praises ring forth.  Together, let’s make a noise which the gates of Hell cannot prevail against!

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