Are You Ready??


There is a shift of monumental proportions taking place in the body of Christ in this hour.  Something is rising. We are about to witness and participate in something so incredible that our wildest imaginations could not begin to predict it.  Many are sensing it and declaring it, and as we do so – all echoing the message Heaven is sending out – hopeful anticipation is rising.

Yet, in the midst of this massive movement in the Spirit and the growing tide of excitement it is riding in upon, a question plagues my soul:

“Are you ready?”

Maybe the question arises because of my tendency to overthink everything.  Maybe it presents itself because my old nature was well versed in the art of worry and striving. But maybe it’s here and maybe it’s demanding an answer because both God and I love the women all around me, and we desperately want to see them break out of their cycles of sin and shame and arise in the fullness of all God has for them, both in this life and the next.

That’s the story line I’m going with, because I know that this readiness is not something we can attain to by ourselves.  Scripture reminds us that it is God who makes us ready, and often He does so by His faithful servants who declare His Word.  He comes to make ready a people already prepared, the Scriptures say (Luke 1:17), because He sends what is needed for them to become prepared. Those who embrace and respond to who and what He sends will find themselves in position to be made ready for what He is ultimately planning to unfold.

And so I believe that the question: “Are you ready?” is really an invitation to come into position.  It is a call to rise up and take our places in the race of faith.  It is the sound that alerts every runner that there is no more time to waste.  The crowning moment is here:  we are being called into our destinies and we must enter with the kind of radical commitment and determination that has set its gaze on attaining the prize.

It’s a glorious picture, really: all of God’s creation straining forward to reach the finish line of faith, to attain the high calling He has reserved for us. Sadly though, this will not be the reality. For though we all run, we will not all win the prize.  We will not all finish the race.

“Are you ready?” is therefore the merciful cry of God’s heart to His beloved daughters who may very well be distracted and deterred in their course. God wants you to get on course and stay on course! He wants to empower you to both run and finish your race!

Why is it, then, that so many don’t? Why is it that many are called, but few are chosen? That many enter through the wide gate that leads to death, but so few find and are willing to go through the narrow gate that leads to life? My heart laments with God over this tragic reality, because I have a glimmer of understanding about how great and precious the life we’ve been promised is and will be.

In 1 Corinthians 9:24, Paul hints at why we don’t all win the race of faith when he tells believers to run their race in such a way that they may win. Running so that you may win requires narrowing your gaze until the finish line and the prize are all you can see.  It means treating hurdles like stepping stones.  It means embracing everything that will propel you forward and rejecting everything that won’t.  It means refusing to be distracted or deterred. It means dedicated discipline, which is painful and consumes the kind of time and strength that we often complain we don’t have enough of.  It means investing your whole self and your whole life in one thing: the finish line.

“Are you ready?” is the call to attain the prize. But it doesn’t look like much of a prize to the ones who have neglected their preparation, to the ones who have chosen to invest themselves in something other than this race. And for a multitude of reasons, there are multitudes of women who will not answer this call, who will not attain the prize Heaven is holding out.

To such women I want to say that, though there is pain and suffering involved in this race, the pain and suffering of regret are much worse than the pain and suffering of discipline. We have countless opportunities each and every day to engage in something other than what God is calling us to as women, but none of those opportunities will yield what they promise to. God is speaking, drawing us into a life that cannot be found outside of Jesus.

Don’t settle for a mediocre life of deceptive proportions, Woman of Breakthrough, because it’s a lie! What God promises is so much greater, and now is the time to take your place in the story that will frame tomorrow’s history…in the story that will bless the world and save the lives of all those whose ears are open to hear.

There is only one race that counts, and it is the race of faith.

There is only one life you get to live, and this is it.

There are not endless opportunities to step into position for the destiny that’s been reserved for you.  If you’re not running this race and responding to this call, you will waste your life on something that counts for nothing in the end.

I don’t mean to sound harsh or critical, but the hour is urgent, and I don’t want you to miss it!

Dear Woman of Breakthrough, consider your position.  Are you ready? Are you actively cooperating with your preparation for what’s coming in the Spirit? Are you saying “yes” to God in the small as well as the great things? Are you focused on the goal of pursuing Christ and His fullness no matter what stands in your way? Are you willing to forsake all and dive into the destiny He has created you for?

I’m all in, and I pray He will lead you to the same kind of surrendered life. I pray that when “Are you ready?” echoes in your ears, you will be able to answer without hesitation, “Yes, Lord, here I am!” Because for those who step into position, the Spirit of the Lord is about to propel us into places we never dreamed we might see.

To God be the glory as we give Him all of who we are.

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