Waking Up


There is an alarm sounding in the realm of the Spirit. All across the land, the Bride of Christ is being awakened from her slumber. There is a stirring in the atmosphere, beckoning us out of our places of limitation and calling us into places of equipping. The Spirit of God is drawing us into what we were created for.

Can you hear the call, Woman of Breakthrough?

It sounds like an invitation to see your circumstances differently, more as an opportunity than a calamity.  It feels like an urgency for change and motion, though you may not know exactly which direction you are supposed to go. It looks like chaos on all sides, but there is an eye of calm in the midst of it all, reserved for the revelation of God’s greatest promises yet.

The seasons are shifting in the Body of Christ, and now is the hour of our mobilization. God is rallying all of His Creation to participate in the unfolding drama of His ancient plans.  He is calling you and I to step into position and prepare to do what He made us to do. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry!  God knows, and all you have to do is respond to His invitation. He has a purpose just waiting for you to walk in! All of your struggles and all of your pain, whether you see it or not, have helped to shape you for it. Now is the time to open our eyes and see the bigger picture!

However, I want to clarify something important: God is not just raising up individuals.  God is raising up a Church, one body that will respond to Him in unbreakable unity.  So your purpose, and all of the preparation you’ve been walking in, are part of a larger story, and it’s time for you to reconnect yourself.

The wake up call of the Spirit of God is rallying the troops to move together, each of us walking in our created identities, toward the greatest purpose of all: making Jesus known in all of the earth.

If what you’re doing in your life is disconnected from that plan, God is calling you to return to Him, and to the place where you will rediscover His true plans for your life. It may mean a lot of change, or it may mean a simple shift in your mindset. Some of you will fulfill your purpose right where you are, as the Spirit of God strengthens you and breathes on the work you are already doing. Some of us will be called in a different direction altogether, and will discover wells of joy as we trust and obey and move into the new places He has reserved for us.

Whatever it may mean for each of us, it means one thing for us collectively: an uprising. You are stronger when I rise, and I am stronger when you rise. And together, we must set our hearts to respond to this gracious call of God to rise up into what He has always intended that we should be.

No more wandering, Woman of Breakthrough! You are being awakened to a life so full of purpose that there is no more time to hit the snooze button.  Get up and get alone with God! Get reconnected to the church God has called you to be a part of in this hour.  Stop wasting time and get intentional about getting ready! You have always known there was more. Now the call has gone out in the Spirit, and I challenge you to open your ears and receive it!
We’re in this together, so let’s unite our hearts in responding to Heaven’s invitation, and let’s make our mark in this hour. No one can rise for you. I declare by the authority of Christ Jesus that you will become the Woman of Breakthrough you were made to be, and that your rising will release other women to step into their breakthroughs. So let’s get moving, and let’s leave no woman behind! Pray this with me today, and then find another woman around you and pray it with her:

Jesus, thank You for stirring up my heart to hear your invitation. Thank you for sending the call to wake up today! I believe You still have great plans for my life, and I want to step into those plans. I want to fulfill the purpose I was created for, and I understand that I can’t do this alone.  Jesus, lead me. Speak to me and direct me, and help me to trust and obey You as You do so. Reconnect me to the church, and to other women who are hearing the call, so that, together, we can arise. Lord, here is my life. Have your way, so that the world will know You are the only true God. I say yes to Your wake up call. Now show me how to get ready. Amen.

Be blessed as you turn to the Lord and seek His direction for you today. Receive the grace He has promised as you determine to overcome every obstacle in your path and reach for the high calling which is yours in Christ! It is time!!!

{Photo images courtesy of http://www.pixabay.com}

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