Who Are You (and How To Become Her)


How does Heaven see you, Woman of Breakthrough?

My guess is that you may not be quite sure, and that’s precisely why I’m writing today!

It is of great importance that we know how Heaven sees each of us…if we hope to ever become who we were created to be! Because if we are going to become as Heaven both created and now sees us, we will first have to begin interpreting everything we meet with through the perspective of Heaven. Our thoughts, our words, and our responses will have to begin lining up with the vision from above, rather than being generated from our own broken, disappointed hearts.

Did you ever pause to think that everything which comes into your life comes in order to move you closer to the identity and reality God has planned for you?  Have you ever received a problem or difficulty with the understanding that God injected purpose into it, so that you could grow through it, and come out on the other side of it possessing not only more “stuff”, but more of Him and more of your truest self?

If we start with Scripture, the bed of truth, then we begin with the knowledge that God created us magnificently, and that He gave to each of us gifts, talents, abilities, and personality which uniquely prepare us to live out a destiny that will reveal His love and His goodness to the world around us. What an exciting adventure to discover who we are in Him, and to watch it unfold into purpose which we delight to carry out!

I fear, however, that so many women today are living far beneath their identity and callings, simply because they don’t know how to discover who they are. And yet, all of Heaven is longing for us to walk into that discovery, and holding out the missing links so that we can grab ahold of and run with them!

It’s simple, really. And it begins with a change in our mindset. If we begin with the belief that God, Who made us, is more desperate than we are for us to discover our identity and purpose, then we can come with expectation instead of dread and fear of rejection.

Once we have that settled in our hearts, we can begin to ask Him to show us who we are. We can begin to think back on all the words that have been spoken or prayed over us, all the Scriptures that have stood out to us, all the moments that have crowned us with some kind of gut-level impact that reinforced a truth we know we were always meant to hold onto. God loves to connect the dots for us, if we will just begin to ask and allow Him to stir up our curiosity and desire for the life we have always been meant to live.

And if you have none of these tokens, what better time than now to turn your gaze toward Heaven and ask God to grant your first clue?

And once we start letting Him put the pieces together, we can begin to get our thoughts lined up with our identity and purpose. We can begin to think in agreement with who we are, instead of thinking in agreement with who we are not.

For example, because I know God has created me to lead women into freedom, I can receive a struggle with some kind of bondage – whether it is trying to wrap its tentacles around me or someone I love – as a training ground. I can see it and respond to it – in my thoughts, in my words, and in my actions, as a gift rather than a curse. I can accept it as an appointed thing rather than a misfortune or a burden. I can pull out of it what will build and strengthen me, and discard what would weaken me and tear me down.

Dear Woman of Breakthrough, we are moving into a time of destiny.  All across the land, the call to arise is going forth. The question I am asking you today is this:

Do you know what you are called to arise to?

Do you know how Heaven sees you, so that you can begin to respond to everything in your path from that identity?

If not, now is the time to begin asking and desperately searching!  Do so with great expectation, believing that God is more excited than you are about this process.  Expect the shift in purpose to be wildly adventurous and deeply rewarding.  And  most of all, expect to discover not only your true self, but God as His true self.

For too long we have perceived God to be distant and stingy, withholding His best, and always waiting for us to have a crisis before He moves.

I am here to tell you that He can hardly contain His excitement about this journey with you!  He is so full of goodness, and waiting like a Father with His arms full of surprises and wonderful promises for you to discover and open!

Awake and arise, dear Woman of Breakthrough! Step into the journey reserved for you, or dive deeper in! Your identity is ready to be discovered, and the world is waiting for you to step into your purpose.  This is the hour!  Don’t miss it!!!

{Photo images courtesy of http://www.pixabay.com}


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