When Giants Fall


Many are the giants who have fallen before the watching eyes of this generation. Men and women alike, who have climbed the ladders of success, only to offer a public demonstration that success itself is not enough to satisfy our thirsty souls. If we are to capture a generation with something besides a broken model, we must seek a higher power than our own determination and dreams.

This past weekend, I watched a giant fall, but not the way we tend to think of falling giants. This was a man of character, of integrity, of vision beyond his years. A man who loves God, and loves his family. A man who is serious about his faith, and who is steadfast in his determination to pursue revival, believing that God has more than we’ve tasted yet. He is a giant, spiritually speaking, in the eyes of many. Not the Goliath kind of giant, but the David kind. Especially to the children watching him, he is a bigger presence and influence than most people – maybe even he – realize(s).

When I say I watched him fall, I mean I – and a host of others – watched him fall before the presence of God. We’ve watched him worship. We’ve watched him preach. We’ve watched him walk the talk in his daily life. But it was something entirely different to see a man like him completely undone by the Holy Spirit – to see him laid down on the floor like a little child, unable to control his tears and his joy.

The children took notice. They knew this was something outside of what they normally see. They drew near, to examine it for themselves. And they walked away in awe, in wonder, and full of joy and new strength. One danced, one rejoiced, one marveled at what they had seen and heard, expressing the confident recognition that this was something out of the ordinary…because they saw this giant fall.

We are always looking for signs that God is moving. It interests me to hear the many different observations we make, the things in particular we look for and recognize. It impacts me deeply to take note of the fact that, for the children, the sign of God was the giant that fell in His presence.

Dear Woman of Breakthrough, we try our best – I hope and pray – to model a life that leads our children and the youth of this generation to have faith in God. But I wonder if there is more than just trying that might make the real difference we seek? I wonder what would happen if we positioned ourselves to be overcome by the Spirit of God, right in front of the watching eyes of our children and the children of this generation?

They need more than we can give them, truth be told. We can – and should – give them our best. But they need to see a power greater than even we can become in our own strength and pursuit of more. They need to see us fall before the presence of the God Who loves them, Who created them, and Who has both the plan and ability to lead them into so much more than just the acquisition of their dreams. He will lead them into life.

No other public influence – not even you and I – will be able to lead them there without more of God than we’ve ever been content with. We need more! Not more than He’s given, but more than we’ve been willing or able to grasp.

It’s time for the awakening of our hearts, Dear Women of Breakthrough! It’s time for fullness! It’s time to take the influence we’ve been given into the presence of God, and allow Him to pour Himself all over it, so that we will get up empowered to lead the generation in front of us to something besides what they’ve seen and known and come to expect.

Their eyes are watching. You just might be the giant in their life whose surrender marks their hearts with a hope and a hunger for the reality of the life we’ve been promised in Jesus! You just might be the sign to a child that God has kept His promise, that He’s real, and that He has come.

{Photo images courtesy of http://www.pixabay.com}

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