What if Some Things Never Changed?


Typically, I hear the cliche, “Some things never change” in a negative context. Like when someone fulfills our negative expectations, or when circumstances yield frustratingly predictable results. When we become accustomed to seeing and experiencing things in a particular way, we develop – naturally – an expectancy toward that end. And, sadly, we are rarely surprised. Most expectancies fulfill their prophecies. This is one reason why it is so important to check our hearts before the Lord on a regular basis, lest we lend our emotional and spiritual energy to creating what we least desire, because of what we expect.

I want to speak to a different context today, however, regarding the words, “Some things never change.” Because, while I’ve had my share of let-downs when it comes to hoping that things or people will change, I believe there are some things – and some things about people – that should not change.

We live in a world that is accelerating in all kinds of “progressive development” at a speed with which we can hardly keep up. And as this progression of development continues, we often get caught up in and carried away by it.

Don’t get me wrong: I believe in change. Change is good, as I’ve always argued with a dear friend of mine who happens to hate change. Change is, often, healthy for us. But there are some things that were never meant to change. There are some things that were written into the foundation of the world, and our lives, that were meant to remain immutable. Just because the world around us has decided it’s time for change, does not and should not mean that we blindly follow along in agreement. Especially when agreement with the change our world and culture are promoting means disagreement with the Word and will of the God Who created us and wrote the plans for our lives.

Several years ago, my kids and I did a home school project on the Evolution of Family Values in America. As I prepared and studied for that project, in an attempt to teach my kids about the differences between what God intended for family, and what family has become in our country, I was shocked. What struck me the most was an article that traced the evolution of family values through the shaping lens of the media. The article documented how, from the first days of television to now, family was reshaped and molded into what it has become today by 10 shows which particularly narrowed in on defining icon families for our nation to pattern themselves after. Increasingly, these families became more and more disfunctional, looking less and less like the family which God designed to rule and to reign in His Word.

But because it came through the voice and lens of television, we bought it. It became our normal. And something very precious, which was meant to be the foundation and stability of our culture, slowly but surely eroded into something almost scoffed at today. The notion of a 2 parent, husband-wife family, committed to raising sons and daughters who will grow up to do the same, and pattern themselves after the God Who made them, is now something criticized as unrealistic and even harmful. Our world has bought into a change which never should have been an option. And because of it, we are seeing multitudes of children grow up without solidly rooted identities, and walking into futures that are anything but hopeful.

I know that some changes are out of our control. Some spouses leave. Some die. And parents are left to raise their children alone, doing whatever is necessary to survive. But this was once the exception and not the norm. There was once a strong community around such parents, helping them to still fulfill their God-given tasks to raise a healthy family. The changes injected into our belief system by the media, however, made this a normal scenario. And as it became more and more normal, strong families and strong communities became less and less normal. We eroded into so much less than we were ever intended to be, as families.

When God created man and woman, male and female, He created them unique. There was never meant to be any confusion about their identity. In fact, their identity, although assigned and created by a loving and wise Father, was never meant to revolve around their sexuality. But in today’s world, we have rejected our assigned identities, hyper-embraced our sexuality, and the notion that we can change ourselves into anything we feel like we want to be. This, too, is something which never should have changed. The culture war we are in the middle of should tell us something about the dangers of agreeing to accept this change.

Women were created fearfully and wonderfully, a gift to be cherished and honored. They mother the human race. They are made in the image of God, carrying His gentleness, His deep beauty, His nurturing touch. Lastnight I stepped foot in an adult bookstore, to pray for those ensnared in the bondage of lust and pornography. My heart was grieved for what our culture has set as its model and goal for women today. It is so far from the truth of who we are, and so deeply mars our sense of value and purpose. This, the value and identity of women as anything but a sexual object, is something which never should have changed.

Similarly, the church is something which should never have changed. I understand the need to be current with the times in terms of reaching people via the means of communication which are available in a given era. But the message of the church, and the manifestation of the church should never have been altered. We were a people birthed in the power of the Holy Spirit, delivered from every kind of shame, pain, and past bondage, and called to walk in power and love for the transformation of the world. But with time, we have developed schisms and factions, and become divided over who we are and what we are here to do. We have often embraced the views of the world around us and patterned ourselves after a more appealing kind of Christianity than we have actually been called to live. But this, too, is something which should have never changed.

There are certain things in life which were meant to be timeless, always the same. They are the measuring rods of our lives on this earth. God’s Word is one of them. And when we align our lives with His Word, we align ourselves with what is right and true.

Where are the women who will forsake the crooked paths and cling to the straight? Where are the women who will refuse to embrace confusion and corruption, despite what the culture is shouting over them? Where are the women who will stand firm and dare to uphold the things which should never, ever change?

I am one of those women, by the grace of God. And my assignment is to raise up more of the same. It is not my will, nor my way which I seek to promote. It is the will and the way of the timeless, immutable God Who gave us life and dominion on this earth. I am determined that my dominion will not be handed over to a fleeting fad, that my identity will not shift with the times, and that my family will not be moved by a hand other than my God’s.

Dear Woman of Breakthrough, I believe there is a similar cry in your soul. If you will agree with it today, God will bring your life into alignment with His plans and purposes for you, and you, too, will be immovable and unchangeable in all of the right places.

{Photo images courtesy of http://www.pixabay.com}

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