Day Thirty: Praise Challenge


As we come sliding into the tail end of this thirty day challenge, we do so having gained – I hope – one sure thing:  the knowledge that we were created for something more!

If you’ve taken this challenge to praise God for thirty days in the face of anything and everything that has touched your life, the natural consequence is that you’ve tasted more of God.  And as you’ve tasted more of God, you’ve tasted more of home.  Because you and I are not citizens of the world we live in (John 17:14-18).  We are citizens of Heaven, and that means the world is not our home.  God is.  And this is why we so often find our souls discontent here.  We were made to know God and enjoy His presence more than anything else.

I’ve done my share of traveling, and I think most people would agree with me when I say there is no place like home.  I am always anxious to return to my place, my comfort zone, my little hideaway.  When God is home to us, we will live our daily lives out in the world where we are called to shine our lights, but our hearts will always long for His presence. We will ache to be with Him, and find our greatest comfort and consolation, even our joy and delight in Him.

If you’ve spent the last thirty days with me, learning to turn to God first, you are well on your way to being more settled in your true home, and more comfortable there than anyplace else.

I hope this was more than just an experiment for you.  I hope it has sparked a way of life, and will continue to inspire you to live in the presence of God.  Because to truly live is to know God, to know Jesus (John 17:3) – and to know Him is to spend time with Him. Praise is one sure way to do just that.

I pray you have been blessed, and will adopt this as a part of your lifestyle.  And I pray that praising God in everything will lead you on to more and more satisfaction in Him. One day, you and I will stand or kneel in Heaven, and praise will then flow so naturally from our lips, because we have made it a part of the way we’ve always lived.

May your life continue to be transformed by the habit of praise!

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