A Long Obedience in the Same Direction

Motherhood (1)


Chances are, you’ve come to this page completely exhausted.  Maybe frustrated. Possibly just curious.  But definitely desiring more in your role as a Mommy.  Or maybe more for someone else’s role as a Mommy.  I created this page for all of those same reasons.

I’ve been a Mom for 15 years.  In those 15 years, I’ve been entrusted with raising 11 children…so far! Some for a lifetime, and some for just a season.  And what I’ve gained in those 15 years, with those 11 children, has completely transformed me. I hope one day they will be able to say something similar.

If you can believe it, I never wanted to have children of my own.  I’ve always loved kids, but thought I would make a lousy mother.  The good Lord apparently thought otherwise!

None of our 11 children were an accident.  Before I was given each one, a desire was implanted in my heart for him or her.  Prayers were prayed for them.  Prayers I couldn’t have summoned the courage to pray on my own.  They were the prayers of God’s heart, for the lives He wanted to bring into this world.  Partnering with Him and seeing those prayers develop into little lives full of promise has been a journey I wouldn’t trade for the world.

That’s not to say it isn’t hard.  Or painful.  Or exhausting.  Or anxiety-producing.  It is all of those, and more.  But it is also full of deep and beautiful purpose, and it is fulfilling in a way that I never expected it would be.  Even on the toughest days.

I know God didn’t invite me into this journey because of any merit or ability of my own. In fact, I often ask Him if He’s sure this is what I’m supposed to be doing, because I’m fairly certain I’m not doing it “right.”  But He doesn’t fire me.  In fact, He keeps bringing more kids!  The only reason I can give for this is that I have learned to keep saying “yes” to Him.  And with each yes comes the grace and the vision and the strength and the joy for another life.

Am I crazy for saying yes?  Probably.  But more than that, I am blessed.  I am blessed in ways that reach far deeper than what I’m able to hold in my hands or measure with my eyes.  And I am believing that each one of these little lives will also be blessed, and will in turn become a blessing to this world, somehow.

Motherhood is holy vulnerability.  It is a high calling, intended for much more than playing house and posing for cute pictures.  It requires all of who we are, and yet it lends a depth to us that few other things in life can.  It develops us into women of grit.  Women of substance.  Women of gold.

And it connects us.  Mothers share a bond that is built by divine strength.  We are connected at a level that defies natural understanding.  We are one in the spirit of life, the Spirit that has made us life-givers.  This is a beautiful thing, when we are able to harness its power and draw from its inspiration.

I hope, in the posts to come, that you will find much needed hope, help, comic relief, and even healing.  As I share my journey with you, may you draw out of it all that God intended for you to when He called me into it so many years ago.  And may we continue to grow in this labor together, seeing the incredible fruit manifested in not only our lives, but our children’s lives, as well.

May your spirit be renewed and your purpose recharged.  As Mommies on a mission, may we see the desires of our hearts as we dare to partner with God in what He has planned for the lives He’s entrusted to us.

Mommy on, dear woman of breakthrough!  Mommy on!!

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