Steady Hands

Whatever we do as women, if it is to be truly effective and successful, it must lend itself to passing on whatever it is which we possess. God has promised to help us in this, if we are willing to pick up the arrows and send them out… … More Steady Hands

It’s Not Over!

God celebrates your motherhood! There are dreams and promises stored up in the heart of God for you and your children, and He’s waiting for you to ask Him for them! Whatever it looks like right now is not the end of your story, because God has declared that it’s not over!! … More It’s Not Over!

Life Givers

Whether to our own children or someone else’s, mothers are called to give life. Even in our greatest failures, God has purposed us to persevere in that calling. Together, we can rise to be the Mothers God has called and created us to be! … More Life Givers