It’s Not Over!

Mother’s Day is so many things, at so many different moments, to so many women. Depending upon where we are in our journey of motherhood, or with our own mothers, we experience a full range of emotions and our thoughts, hopes and dreams run the gamut of highs, lows and the mess in the middle.

It’s good, then, to have a Word to fasten onto. Like a seat belt on a crazy ride, God’s Word for the journey stabilizes us, and helps us to stay put when we’d sometimes rather disembark.

Be blessed today as you hear this message, Mommas! May it seep into the marrow of your bones when you most need to be strengthened in hope and renewed in purpose!

If you are unable to access the link, you can find the message on my Facebook page (under Beloved Alvarez) and/or on the Podbean app, under TDLC Sermon of the Week.

Remember, ours is a high and holy calling, for which God has promised to supply ALL of our needs with His abundant goodness through Jesus’ presence in our lives! Attached to our calling, when lived in His presence and power, is the promise of victory!!

Mommas, you are dearly loved women of breakthrough! Stay the course with me!! When you need help (and you will!), it’s available. Join us Monday mornings at 5am for a weekly conference call hour of prayer.

(Please note that some service providers don’t include conference calls in their plans and so you will incur a 1 cent per minute charge if you have such a provider… which amounts to $0.60 per hour, once a week. For Metro users, you will have to contact your provider and add the conference call feature to your plan for $3.00 per month. In my humble opinion, these are small prices to pay for deep connection with each other as we pursue God’s help and strength in our journey.)

Mother’s Day Message: It’s Not Over!

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